While most of us in the Northern Hemisphere are experiencing the beauty of multicolored leaves that line our streets in the fall, most of the Southern Hemisphere is now in spring. A blooming Jacaranda tree is one sure way to remind people that spring has arrived, namely in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa.

My kids and I decide to do a simple fun craft to ring in spring across the pond.

Here’s what you need;

  • Whiteboard or construction paper
  • Watercolor (green and light purple)
  • Paintbrush & paint well
  • Pom poms or cotton balls
  • Marker, pencil or crayon


To help the kids get a jump start, I drew a simple tree trunk with a couple of branches. Once I did that they jumped right in starting with the purple. We used pom poms of which I think this worked better since they are a little stiffer than cotton balls. They’re also a bit easier to hold onto with little finger tips and absorb less of the color during the activity. I added the paintbrush for painting in the greenery, but you can also use pom poms creativity to accomplish the same thing.


We ended the activity with a quick discussion (2 minutes long :)) of where Jacaranda trees bloom in Africa, which was followed by identifying the location of Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa on the globe. What I love about the discussion part is that they are becoming more fluent in pronouncing country names and locating the countries much faster.

P.S. Jacaranda trees are native to Brazil and where introduced to other continents with tropical climates through early exploration and migration