Five Questions With Anil Tortop


This week, Anil Tortop, answered some questions we had about her illustrating process.

Anil Tortop illustrates children’s books and also works as an animator and character/concept designer, but has been called away from this affair as her relationship with children’s books becomes more serious. She was born and raised in Turkey. Then moved to Australia in early 2011 and have been trying to get used to the local eight-legged house intruders and slithering visitors to our garden ever since. 

Q: How did you discover your passion for illustrating?

A: With the encouragement of my parents and elementary school art teacher, I studied Fine Arts at high school and then Animation at uni. Although I wasn’t in a totally different field, I had no idea that I was interested in illustrating, until an art director friend of mine asked me if I wanted to illustrate a book. Then I quit my animation job and never looked back. 

Q: Which illustrator do you most admire and why?

A: I admire Oliver Jeffers. He is an amazing visual storyteller who can tell the complicated things in the simplest way.


Q: How many book projects can you manage at the same time?

A: I always function better under pressure. 🙂 3 projects at a time is ideal for me. I can manage up to 5. One project is the hardest since I tend to procrastinate a lot. 

Q: Which medium do you prefer to work in and why?

A: Digital (Photoshop + Wacom Cintiq).  Because that’s how I started and how I feel the most comfortable. I’m also addicted to Undo shortcuts. If I could use them in real life I would use much more watercolour and I would cook more! 🙂

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring illustrators?

A: Find a rich partner first. 🙂 Kidding aside, maybe I could say, don’t try to follow the exact footsteps of others. Get inspired but find your unique way of achieving your goals.

Interested in more of her work? Check out her website and social media @aniltortop! Stay tuned for more insider interviews with Global Kidz House’s authors and illustrators.

-Masa Najjar