Moroccan Mint Tea Anyone?

Moroccan Mint Tea Anyone?

Anyone else guilty of grooming their kids to love what they love? I’m very guilty in this department because my kids are little tea fanatics. Specifically tea party fanatics. While we can’t get the full experience of enjoying this beverage in Morocco we can certainly create our own fun experience while honoring the tradition. It also helps that I wrote a book called Adventure in Morocco, so there’s even more reason to love all things Morocco.

It is customary in Morocco for families to share mint tea with their guests. And you definitely must not decline the offer as it is generally considered rude.

For this experience you’ll need;

  1. 4 cups boiling water
  2. 1 tablespoon China green tea special gunpowder (You can find it here on Amazon)
  3. 2-3 bundles fresh mint leaves ( most grocery stores carry it)
  4. 2-3 tablespoons sugar


Place 1 tbsp of the China green tea special gunpowder into the teapot. Add 1 cup of hot water and swish around. Transfer the liquid to a cup and set aside as this will be reused later since it contains the core tea flavor.

Next pour another cup of hot water into the tea pot, swish around and pour into a cup. This time you will discard the water. Now you can add your fresh mint leaves, 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, the cup of tea flavor that you saved at the begining and 4 cups of hot water to the teapot. Stir and let the tea sit for 5 minutes. For the best flavor, place the teapot on heat and let it boild for about 5 minutes.

Lastly, to mix the tea thouroghly, pour the tea into a cup and back into the teapot a couple of times. You can now serve your tea and enjoy. 🙂

* Because we ran out of gunpowder green tea we substituted with regular green tea. It was good but not nearly as good. Based on these pictures though, its safe to say the party was a success.


The kiddos dove into the treats before the tea was even ready. Take this opportunity to share some simple things about Morocco, location, languages and details about the tea they are drinking. Allow them to be silly, after all this is their playtime. Our tea party was also a labelled a “Fairy tea party.” So my daughter took it upon herself to make little wands for her brothers and wore her tiara to establish herself as the fairy godmother. As you can see, my boys decided silly faces were a perfect compliment. 🙂



Try it out and share your pictures. Tag @globalkidzhouse on social media.


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