Honoring Women ...

Honoring Women ...

March is Women’s History Month. Is there a female in your life who inspires you?

For me, there are several. My sister inspires me to try running a marathon, and to go hiking. My aunt inspires me to be a bold entrepreneur, and Mom inspires me to speak up.

In this issue I wanted to especially celebrate women around the world who are making history, changing lives, and also pushing all of us to make a difference.


Navalayo “Nava” Osembo has made it her mission to create the best running shoes out of Kenya, and the only company doing so in Africa. Nomaliso Musasiwa is showing Zimbabwe how farming can be done differently and better. Last but not least, Beserat Debebe believes African superhero stories are essential and I’m in love with his superheroes: Hawi, Zufan, and Jember.


The world needs your unique ideas and I hope these stories spark something in you.


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