You cannot go wrong with watercolor activities. And what better simple way to introduce reading and geography. If you have a messy artist like mine, I highly recommend getting a smock.

For this activity you’ll need;

  1. Map of Africa- get image here ( I like this one because it also shows all the islands)
  2. Tempura washable paint
  3. Paint brushes & well
  4. Water (optional)
  5. Paper towel

My daughter definitely scored bonus points for painting her mama’s home country first, Zimbabwe. 🙂 Because she really loves doing crafts with me, I sat nearby with my own map and we both painted. One thing we did along the way was saying out loud the names of each country we were painting next. I wasn’t looking for her to memorize the list of countries but rather to get comfortable just saying the names and getting familiar with them. Certainly making it feel like a hard core geography lesson is the last thing I wanted. We will have more opportunities to explore the continent and approaching it this way will allow her to naturally absorb the new information.

So there you have it. Easy and fun activity, and a very happy child.

Happy coloring! 🙂